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Chrissy Teigen

Our first #femmefriday is a very special one inspired by a very special woman, @chrissyteigen ❤️

Chrissy and her husband John have just gone through the unimaginable, losing their precious baby Jack. Whilst we are heartbroken for Chrissy and her family, we are so inspired and forever grateful to Chrissy for speaking out and breaking the stigma around pregnancy loss!

1 in 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and yet, it is still a topic that is so 'hush hush'. We as women are encouraged not to share our pregnancy details till after the first trimester and not to talk about pregnancy loss for a reason I am still trying to understand. This has lead to so many women feeling alone and isolated in these experiences, where they should be feeling comforted and supported in their grief.

So we thank you @chrissyteigen on behalf of all women, for being so open and paving the way for other women to be able to share in their grief and normalise the conversation around pregnancy loss.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chrissy, John and their whole family at this time. Heaven has gained an angel, and Jack will forever be watching over their beautiful family.

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