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Vaginal Discharge - what to expect

Vaginal discharge... we all get it at one stage or another, but it’s important to know what is normal!

Normal vaginal discharge is very important as it’s acidic nature acts as protection from bacteria and viruses. A normal discharge is usually odourless and is clear/white creamy colour. It’s thickness can vary depending on where you are in your cycle (usually at its thickest during ovulation).

A brown discharge, can often be present at the end of your period. However, if you are noticing a regular brown discharge or mid-cycle bleeding it is important to get it checked out as it can sometimes indicate uterine or cervical cancer.

Both yellow and green discharges often accompanied by a strong (often referred to as 'fishy') odour and can indicate bacterial or sexually transmitted infections. If you notice this discharge, you should be checked out by your GP.

The last discharge is probably one of the most commonly experienced and that is a thick white, lumpy ‘cottage cheese’ like discharge with a strong odour. This discharge is often accompanied by redness and itchiness and sometimes a 'burning' sensation. This discharge is more often associated with thrush infections and vaginosis and can be treated with over the counter medications.

So, let’s break the stigma and get to know our discharge! And be sure to visit the GP if you have any concerns.

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