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Welcome to FemmEd!

Welcome to FemmEd!! The place to openly chat about all things WOMEN!

We’re building a community of empowered women and we’d love for you to join us! No judgement and no silly questions!

This business is designed to educate young women on all topics women's health!

Our instagram page is a platform for young women to access engaging, simplified versions of the information you will find here on this blog, and in the forum.

We talk puberty, reproductive and sexual health, consent, fertility/pre-conception care, pregnancy, birth and postpartum all in one place! We’re answering all the questions you never even thought to ask! So stay tuned and feel free to DM with questions or topics you wanna know about!

We cannot wait to embark on this journey of empowerment, self love and understanding with all you beautiful women!

Love to all,

The FemmEd team x

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